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Mary Madden

Portrait of Mary MaddenMary Madden is a Senior Researcher for the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project. She is a nationally recognized expert on trends in social media use, online privacy management, and the impact of digital media on teens and parents.


Younger Americans’ Reading and Library Habits

October 23, 2012

More than eight in ten Americans ages 16-29 read a book in the past year, and six in ten used their local public library. Many say they are reading more in the era of digital content, especially on their mobile phones and on computers.

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Libraries, patrons, and e-books

June 22, 2012

12% of e-book readers have borrowed an e-book from a library. Those who use libraries are pretty heavy readers, but most are not aware they can borrow e-books.

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Public libraries in the digital age

April 25, 2012

Mary Madden and Kathryn Zickuhr presented findings on the rise of e-reading, including reading-device ownership and the general reading habits/preferences of Americans.

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The rise of e-reading

April 04, 2012

21% of Americans have read an e-book. The increasing availability of e-content is prompting some to read more than in the past and to prefer buying books to borrowing them.

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Let us be your megaphone

April 02, 2012

Chances are, if you’re reading this post, you’re someone who loves storytelling as much as we do. And while we at Pew Internet primarily tell stories through data, we also rely heavily on qualitative research to help us better understand the larger trends we observe in our research.

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Libraries get a room of their own

March 30, 2012

You may notice that this website looks and feels a bit different from the home site of

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Four or More: The New Demographic

June 27, 2010

Trends in social media and cloud computing are often examined through the lens of younger users and broadband users, who have consistently been more actively engaged online when compared with other groups.

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State of the Internet 2009: Pew Internet Project Findings and Implications for Libraries

October 09, 2009

As the internet population has matured over time, binary distinctions between those who are online and offline have given way to a more robust understanding of the assets, actions and attitudes that affect user experience.

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