Released: February 16, 2014

Libraries guide the journey of learning in communities

It’s a popular idea among many Americans that print is a dying industry. Over half of the adults in America have some sort of technology that allows them to flip through the pages of their favorite novel with a swipe of a finger, according to a study from the Pew Research Center.

Taking a quick look around any given room these days, it’s not too shocking of a number. There’s rarely a moment when you don’t see someone staring at some kind of screen — be it a tablet, e-reader, smartphone or laptop.

But despite more and more Americans embracing the constant whirl of new technology, research indicates most people still prefer to thumb their way through their worn paper copy of “Fahrenheit 451” than to swipe through the book-burning novel — or any book — on their six-ounce e-reader.

The same Pew study said 69 percent of American adults say they read a print book in 2013.

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