Released: April 4, 2012

One-fifth of U.S. adults read e-books as market booms - survey

In a sweeping survey of e-books’ impact on reading habits, the Pew report said that four times more U.S. readers, or 15 percent, were reading e-books on a typical day now compared with less than two years ago.

But when it comes to reading in bed, the verdict is split. Forty-five percent of those surveyed preferred e-books and 43 percent gave the nod to old-fashioned print.

Lee Rainie, the head of the Pew Internet Project, which conducted the survey, said the results underscored huge cultural and publishing changes as people do more of their book reading online.

“People’s relationship to books is a central part of culture. So when that relationship is in transition like it is now, it’s an interesting thing to mark,” he said.

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